The only enzyme company in China whose product has been approved as a “nutrient”

2020-02-12 10:06
      Eyoson (Xiamen) Biotechnology Co., Ltd., is the only enzyme company in China whose enzyme product has been approved as a “nutrient”.

      In recent years, eyoson has been focus on processing the most pure enzyme by comprehensively promoting innovation in science and technology system, accelerating the construction of independent innovation system, focusing on improving independent innovation capability, focusing on promoting the development of enzymes in China, and enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises.
The only enzyme company in China whose product has been approved as a “nutrient”
      In order to enhance the R&D and innovation of science and technology, focus on the expansion of enzyme functions, optimize the industrial layout, integrate development resources, strengthen innovation drive and green development, expand the advantageous industries, accelerate industrial upgrading, and build the largest advanced enzyme manufacturing and production base in China.

      Eyoson is the most competitive modern plant enzyme drink enterprise. Eyoson constantly researches new fermentation products and take responsibility of enzyme development in Chinaenhances research and development capabilities and continuous innovation, and promotes enterprises to become pioneers of enzyme innovation.
      With Certificates:
      HACCP food safety management system
      ISO 22000:2005 food safety management system
      CS food production license
      Free Trade certification
      SGS Test Certification
      FDA,SGS,Healthy Certificates, Sanitary Certificates
      Exclusive fermentation extraction technology
      1 Independent research and development technology: "CTMSM" fermentation technology, constant temperature reflux extraction technology, low temperature ultrasonic extraction technology
      2 Personalized customized products: According to the difference of nutrient structure rich in raw materials and the needs of customers, choose the appropriate method for accurate classification and culture fermentation, to achieve the most suitable fermentation environment and method.
      3 Controllable: Real-time monitoring of microbial fermentation conditions, control of primary and secondary metabolites of fermentation extraction, product quality is more stable, the taste is more supple, and the flavor is more comprehensive.