What is "enzyme "?

2020-02-12 10:12
      In our body, there are enzymes which work in generating nutrition from daily food, turning it into energy for muscles, organs, nerves, blood cells, etc which maintain our lives to continue to exist.

      We often hear words such as "body easy to become fat when you get poor metabolism" and "the metabolism become slow as aging". However, what is "metabolism"? What is the different between good metabolism and poor metabolism? Metabolism refers to "all kinds of chemical reactions that occur in the body." For example, breathing , absorbing nutrients from digesting food, making energy for heart or hands and feet, generating heat to maintain a certain body temperature, regenerating old cells, etc., all chemical reactions in the body are called metabolism. 
      The protein of "enzyme"produced in various parts of the body that help the metabolism go smoothly. Maybe you are a little strange to the word "enzyme", but it is the necessary material for you and me to sustain life.
Enzymes are accelerating various chemical reactions in the body. It is said that the same reaction is carried out in the presence of an enzyme, which is increased from a thousand times to a million times or even ten million times in the absence of an enzyme.
 What is "enzyme "?
      So, what would happen if the enzymes in the body were reduced or lost?
      Most tissues of the human body, such as skin, hair, muscles and various internal organs, are composed of proteins.

      If the enzymes don't work well, they can't regenerate the old cells and make new ones. Once the effect of the enzyme is reduced, the metabolism of the skin cells is deteriorated, and the old skin cannot be regenerated into new skin, resulting in an increase in color spots and wrinkles, and accelerated aging.
      The body does not get nutrients then cannot generate energy when nutritions can not be fully digested, decomposed, absorbed. If the enzymes of liver cells become weak, liver function will decline and the body will accumulate toxins. When the enzymes don't work good, it cause diseases in brain too..

      It can be seen that when the enzyme deseases, our body will feel uncomfortable and cause various diseases.

      Enzymes help us to maintain health and once the enzyme is absence, it will endanger life. except Enzymes exist in animals,  plants and all other organisms, they are important substances related to all life.

      In Asian, people take enzyme drink for daily supplement for keep healthy for thousands year. In acient time China, people ferment plant by traditional way to get enzyme food, thanks to the modern enzyme techonology,

      Eyoson use CTMSM fermented techonology to control the temperature, strains for processing plant enzyme product to make it complete fermetation and release hundres of plant the best benefits from enzyme.