OEM marine fish collagen peptides liquid collagen supplement

Main Ingredient
marine collagen fish elastinantioxidants plant enzymeGABAvitamins
Eyoson OEM collagen is skin beauty drink which are formulated with natural ingredients ...

Eyoson OEM collagen is skin beauty drink which are formulated with natural ingredients resource, deep sea fish skin collagen and elastin, antioxidants plant enzyme, berries, GABA, vitamins . Radiant your skin with natural beauty support ingredients, Kick start cell renewal and to hydrate deeply and available to offer you a younger looking skin.
Benefits of drinking Eyoson collagen peptides liquid

* Anti-aging
* Skin whitening,brighten your skin
* Plump ,glowing skin. Wrinkles, fine line reduce.
* Generate cells for elastic and firm skin
* Joint support

Free from lipid, caffeine, preservative, colors,flavors
Small molecule sea fish skin source collagen peptides, average molecular <500 Dalton for effect absorption and results to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, contributes to skin’s firmness, skin cell repair, support elastic glowing skin.

Eyoson hydrolyzed collagen peptides contains pure marine collagen derived from deep sea fish skin. It is the best resource of collagen and chemical free . With our hydrolysis technology, we offer the premium quality collagen peptides with molecular test report 100% safe beauty boost drink.

Per serves contains 5000mg small molecular marine sourced collagen.
Also with marine fish aortic bulb- the best elastin resource
Dozens of berries fermented ,vitamins , fully support your young skin

Serving Direction: Ready to be drink
Nutrition information:

Item Per 100 ml NRV%
Energy  546 kj 6%
Protein 5.0 g 8%
Fat 0 g 0%
Carbohydrate 27.1 g 9%
Sodium 0 mg 0%
Niacin 1.32 mg 9%