Meal replacement fat loss shake powder--Cereal

Main Ingredient
tartary buckwheat oats coix seed plant enzyme soybean dietary fiber vitamins
Eyoson OEM meal replacement shake is adhering to the Chinese medicine health concept“...

      Eyoson OEM meal replacement shake is adhering to the Chinese medicine health concept“grain raising Organs", with brown rice, oats, corn and other grains as the main raw material, after the selection, curing, grinding and other processes to prepare, reasonable proportion, rich in dietary fiber and other nutrients, can be used for meals replacement to lose weight, also can be used as a nutritious breakfast or supper, is a set of balanced nutrition.

      Benefits of eating Eyoson Meal replacement shake powder
      *Balance Intestinal Flora
      *Meal replacement
      *Loss weight

      Eyoson OEM meal replacement shake adheres to the concept of traditional Chinese medicine, selects high-quality grains and two kinds of health care potato products, and is prepared by the process of many steps to satisfy the taste buds and good for stomach;

      Supports weight loss by controlling powder weight and improving satiety                                                 

      Rich in amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients and inulin, pectin and other weight-loss factors, it has become a concentrated nutrient and a good source of nutrients.

      Serving Direction:
      1 bag/time, 1-2times/day, Each bag stir with 150ml-200ml warm water below 60 ℃, before or replace the meal. Drink at least 2000ml water per day.

      It is recommended to eat more vegetables and fruits every day, a balanced diet, combined with proper exercise

      This product contains inulin , not suitable for infant, daily consumption for adult should not exceed 145g
Based on our persistence of raw materials in season, It is not a change in quality if there is some tastesdifferences, or changes in colour for materials from different season.

      Nutrition information:
Item Per 100g NRV%
Energy 1527kj 18%
Protein 1.6g 3%
Fat 0g 0%
Carbothydrate 88.2g 29%
Na. 65mg 3%
Vitamin B1 1.24mg 89%
Vitamin B2 1.24mg 89%
Vitamin B6 1.16mg 83%
Vitamin B12 3.04μg 127%
Vitamin C 200.0mg 200%
Niacin, 17.60mg 126%
Folic acid 264μg 66%
Pantothenic acid 4.08mg 82%