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Main Ingredient
Barley leaves inulin fermentation plant powder maltodextrin mulberries pineapple kiwi honeydew papaya caram
Eyoson Detox Enzyme Powder Drink contains 80 kinds of fruits and vegetables nutrients i...

      Eyoson Detox Enzyme Powder Drink contains 80 kinds of fruits and vegetables nutrients in just one sachet. It is low in calorie. You will feel a strong sense of fullness after eating. It promotes the development of lean physique by promoting basic metabolism. It has balanced nutrient structure, completely pure natural ingredients, no side effects, small nutrients and easier absorption.

      Benefits of drinking Eyoson Detox Enzyme Powder Drink
      1.Nutritious supplement
      2.Boost metabolism
      3.Improve gut microbiome
      4.Promote bowel movement and body detox

      Eyoson Detox Enzyme Powder is a 4in1 formula, making Enzyme, probiotics, prebiotics, vitamin into one. It contains secondary metabolic factor by CTSMS fermentation techonology. It is rich in 80plantenzyme,antioxidants,digestive enzymes and amino acid; 7probiotics+4prebiotics,detox&healthy slim; 8vitamin,formulated with food-based blends and high-potency B-vitamins to help convert food into energy.

      This product submerged fermented 80+plants by natural high potency probiotic strains with patent fermentationtechonology-constanttemperaturemulti-stagecontinuousfermentationtechonologyprocess. Fermentation hydrolysis turns plant nutrition into smaller molecules that can be more easily absorbed and used to create energy.

      Through exclusive embedding technology, powder is formed to effectively preserve the function of enzyme powder, enter the intestinal tract quickly, reduce the intestinal pressure and for body detox, gut balance and keep healthy slim and beauty.

      This product contains inulin and xylose, which should not be consumed by infants. Other people should not consume more than 157g of this product every day.

      Directions: Serve each serving with 100ml-200ml 40℃ water.
      Nutrition information:
Items Per 100g NRV%
Energy 1596 KJ 19%
Protein 0g 0%
Fat 0g 0%
Carbohydraes 93.9g 31%
Sodium 75g 4%
Vitamin B1 1.24g 89%