OEM Sleep Aid stress release liquid

Main Ingredient
Plant extract(Water Fragrans Polyphyll red rose jasmine flower lily Chrysanthemum Roselle) Red dates Kiwi f
he floral beaty selected from lily bulbsmulberrylongan spina date seed poria cocospolyp...

      The floral beaty selected from lily bulbs,mulberry,longan, spina date seed, poria cocos,polyphyll red rose,red jujube,lotus seeds,donkey hide gelatin,soybean,red bean,black bean,mung bean, white hyacinth bean,sea-buckthron,dark plum,γ-aminobutyric acid ect. edible flower,herbal food,which can beautify and nourish the face, resist aging and antioxidation, soothe the liver and relieve depression, help sleep, regulate the microcirculation of the body comprehensively, promote the vitality of cells, nourish qi and blood, and have more fragrant factors of edible flowers, so that the mood is comfortable and glowed from inside to outside.
      Benefits of Sleep Aid Enzymes concentrate drink
      * Anti-aging
      * resist aging and antioxidation
      * soothe the liver and relieve depression
      * beautify and nourish the face
      *promote the vitality of cells
      *Sleep Aid
      *stress release

      1.whiten and lighten the skin:Unique structure,lock water strongly Has a lot of hydroxyl,improve skin brightness、whiten and nourish the skin

      2. remove acne、anti-freckle :Maintain skin's water-oil balance,inhibit tyrosinase activity,and reduce the formation of acne and stain.

      3.instauration flexibility:Repair broken and aged elastic fiber mesh to restore skin elasticity and flexibility

      4.Soothe the nerves and help sleep ,Adjust complexion,rosy skin,Improve microcirculation、cerebral circulation

      5.Regulate sleep-Arousal neurotransmitter balance

      6.External:flower、fruit and vegetables、herbal extracts nourish the skin,nutrition activates cells,improve skin texture;
      7.Internal:γ-aminobutyric acid 、five color beans regulating qi factor helps sleep conditioning,adjust endocrine,improve microcirculation,

      repair both inside and outside,beauty from the inside out,adjust complexion rosy skin.
Serving Direction: Ready to be drink

Nutrition information:
Item Per 100ml NRV%
Energy 574kj %
Protein 0g %
Fat 0g %
Carbohydrate 32.8g %
Na. 18mg %
Niacin 1.32mg 9%