All Natural Super-Fruit Antioxidant plant paste general wellness support

Main Ingredient
More than 80 kinds of fruits and vegetables more than 20 kinds of Chinese herbs more than 10 kinds of mushr
Exclusively designed fermentation process high-throughput intensive fermentation multip...

       Exclusively designed fermentation process, high-throughput intensive fermentation, multiple fermentation methods combined with fermentation, it benefits to regulate gastrointestinal, detox, beauty, blood purification

       Promote the regeneration of injured cells and metabolize toxins in the body

       10 times concentrated purification of the final product

       Fermentation time : 1080 day

       Ingredients work together to regenerate body’s cells, imp rove organs functions and help repair damage DNA which accelerate aging and weaken the immune system.

       Ingredients including multi berrys , grape extract ,natural herbs ,seaweeds,mushroom, which Combines highly effective polyphenols with bio-enhanced resveratrol.
        No drugs or alcohol, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavors, gluten-free.

       Shelf  life: 3 year
       * Enhance immunity
       * Anti-fatigue
       * Comprehensive nutrition
       * Promotes intestinal health
       * Detox

Item Per 100ml NRV%
Energy 1233kj 15%
Protein 0g 0%
Fat 0g 0%
Carbohydrate 72.5g 24%
sodium 0mg 0%
zinc 1.35mg 9%