pre workout supplement plant power Powder Stick Packs

Main Ingredient
Plant peptide, herbs enzyme antioxidants Complex
Muscle Energy & Nutrient Delivery, Enhances Muscle Protein Synthesis,Eyoson pre-workout...

      Muscle Energy & Nutrient Delivery, Enhances Muscle Protein Synthesis,

      Eyoson pre-workout shots is the ultimate pre- and post-workout energy infusion, it benefits to promote athletic performance, help in boosting exercise capacity, muscle soreness. Ingredients is from natural plant processing by fermented technology hydrolysis into small molecular to quick recovery after a fierce workout causing exhaustion. Drink it to improve energy production

      eyoson pre-workout stick including hydrolysis fermented small molecular peptides which gives your body a boost to improve muscle recovery, cell activity and endurance performance. Plant based formula with SGS test.  We are proud to offer natural ingredients anti-fatigue boost from the most natural , healthiest and scientist proof anti-fatigue plant peptide supplement -caffeine free .no side effective, and naturally plant Punch
      Ingredients also including a blend of adaptogenic plant ingredients such as ginseng,lion’s mane mushroom, Burdock, maca, and Cordyceps Mushroom to support stress relief, keep you focussed, and promote endurance.
      * pre workout, anti-fatigue

      *Energy Support

      *General wellness

      * endurance support

      Nutrition information:
Item Per 100ml NRV%
Energy 1122 kj 13%
Protein   1%
Fat 0 g 0%
Carbohydrate 65.4 g 22%
Niacin 22 mg 1%
Zinc 1.35 mg 9%