Eyoson Group Co., Ltd, setting its mission from establishment in 2010 to become a world-class Great Health + Great Agricultural Ecology Model Company, now has become a modern bio-technology high-tech enterprise in China.
Eyoson Group insists on “fermentation and extraction of plant nutrients” as core business. After years of research, Eyoson Group has developed its core technological intellectual property from "exclusive strains" to "exclusive fermentation equipment" to "core fermentation technology" to "effectiveness verification"....


For the health of everyone

What is enzyme ?

In our body, there are enzymes which work in generating nutrition from daily food, turning it into energy for muscles, organs, nerves, blood cells, etc which maintain our lives to continue to exist.

We often hear words such as "body easy to become fat when you get poor metabolism" and "the metabolism become slow as aging". However, what is "metabolism"? What is the different between good metabolism and poor metabolism? Metabolism refers to "all kinds of chemical reactions that occur in the body."

The protein of "enzyme"produced in various parts of the body that help the metabolism go smoothly. Maybe you are a little strange to the word "enzyme", but it is the necessary material for you and me to sustain life.

Enzymes are accelerating various chemical reactions in the body. It is said that the same reaction is carried out in the presence of an enzyme, which is increased from a thousand times to a million times or even ten million times in the absence of an enzyme.