How To Choose Compound Fruits Enzyme Powder?

2021-08-06 16:46
Compound enzyme can decompose and metabolize toxins, promote the decomposition, digestion and absorption of food, reduce the burden of internal organs digestion, can decompose harmful substances and excrete the body, blood purification, decomposition, elimination of waste in the blood and excess cholesterol, fat and toxins, keep blood vessels open, and promote Blood circulation and acceleration of metabolism function, promote skin health, help remove waste generated by the skin, and make the skin brighter, healthier, and more beautiful.

Compound enzyme adopts 960-day ultra-long deep fermentation, exclusive fermentation and extraction process, selects dozens of nutritious fruits and vegetables, and obtains various small molecules such as organic acids, prebiotics, amino acids, vitamins, and secondary metabolic activity small molecules, which can be compared by the human body. The fast-absorbed functional factors can quickly decompose intestinal waste.
Enzyme products are suitable for people with unreasonable diet, excessive fatigue, stress, emotional instability, lack of exercise, lack of sleep, often staying up late, and bad habits. Enzymes can provide nutrition for the body, improve the body's metabolic function, regulate the intestinal flora, promote intestinal peristalsis, promote detoxification and defecation, can stimulate the intestinal wall, promote intestinal peristalsis, and promote defecation.
Enzyme is not a medicine, so it has no dependence and no side effects. Long-term use will not cause any toxic side effects to the body. From the inside to the outside, gentle conditioning of the body according to personal physique.
Eyoson Group's exclusive patented extraction technology, patented extraction equipment, fully extract functional components CTMSM technology, the entire fermentation process under the premise of full temperature control, the fermentation cycle is divided into extraction fermentation period, deep fermentation period, storage fermentation period and mature period, etc. During the fermentation period, according to the nutritional structure difference of the raw materials and the characteristics of the fermentation strains, the fermentation time and pH of each stage are switched in a timely manner to control the primary and secondary metabolites of fermentation, so that the nutrients in the raw materials are fully refined. The product quality is better, the taste and flavor are better.
According to the difference in the nutritional structure of the raw materials and the needs of customers, choose a suitable fermentation method. The solid-state fermentation, liquid fermentation, aerobic fermentation, and anaerobic fermentation are switched at the right time to create an optimal fermentation environment, so as to achieve optimal fermentation to monitor the fermentation conditions of microorganisms in real time and control the primary and secondary metabolites of fermentation.
The product quality is more stable, the taste is softer, and the flavor is more comprehensive. Exclusive fermentation process-temperature-controlled multi-stage continuous (CTMSM) fermentation technology directed screening of microorganisms. Fermentation strains adopt directional screening technology, and the diversity of fermentation products and the improvement of formula efficacy are used as tracking indicators. Finally, a special fermentation-specific strain with exclusive competitive advantages was selected-Lactobacillus plantarum YYS-06 Oriental acetic acid bacteria, YZD-09, Streptococcus thermophilus YYS-012 edible program.