How To Select The Enzyme Products' Manufacturer?

2021-07-22 15:20
Enzyme products are popular within health and nutrition products today, among so many branded enzyme products, which one is better?

First of all, the products of good contract processing companies will generally undergo SGS testing. The SGS testing here mainly includes heavy metal testing, pesticide residue testing and other items.
Secondly, based on the premise of SGS testing, it is more convenient to select a good processing manufacturer. Generally, the quality requirements of the larger brand OEM manufacturers will be higher, because such big brand manufacturers pay great attention to the product.

Due to technology, equipment, raw materials, and various reasons, informal manufacturers generally produce enzyme products that contain bacteria. This enzyme not only cannot provide nutrition for the body, but also causes a lot of diarrhea and causes adverse reactions. Therefore, It is very important to choose a formal and conscientious enzyme manufacturer
Xiamen Eyoson Group has many solutions to provide services to humans through biotechnology services, including: Healthy body fat management solutions; Traditional Chinese medicine health management solutions; Dietary health management solutions, etc., To provide better choices for human health. So far, our enzyme factory has fermented and extracted hundreds of plant materials such as marine plants, herbs, natural fruits and vegetables, mushrooms, rhizomes, cereals and beans, and food and medicine homologs. A series of products such as extracts, plant peptides, enzyme powder, enzyme tablets, enzyme drinks, functional enzymes, and fermentation active substances.