How to check the quality of collagen?

2021-08-06 14:47
First of all, collagen, also known as collagen, is a helical fibrous protein twisted by three peptide chains. It is an endogenous substance, a special kind of protein, distributed in various parts of the body, we can classify it according to the source of collagen, or according to its use. beauty skin collagen powder has relatively small differences in structure and not much difference in function. But because of their different sources, the role and price of these collagen are also different.

collagen powder
There are many collagen products on the market, but some of the inferior collagen products are obtained through physical crushing. Because they have not undergone subsequent purification processes, they have relatively poor solubility and low purity, and their quality is not as good as other purified and processed collagen. , But it is hotly speculated by the market, and the price is very high. Therefore, we need to choose carefully when buying collagen products
How to judge the quality of collagen powder?
① Good collagen is light yellow or off-white, with little peculiar smell or slightly fishy smell, and the taste is lighter and has umami taste.
②Good collagen is easy to dissolve in water, without precipitation, less foam, and slightly yellow after dissolution.
③ Collagen on the field generally has a molecular weight between 500-3000 content, and collagen in this range can be called collagen peptide (in line with the molecular weight range of polypeptides).
The popularity of collagen has spawned collagen manufacturers. So, how do we find good collagen manufacturers in Xiamen?
Eyoson collagen manufacturer is a very well-known OEM processing company. It has a long history and produces many popular brand products. Most of the product raw materials come from the eastern coastal areas of China. We start from fish phosphorus and fish skin. It extracts collagen from China and has its own production plants, with products all over the world.
Eyoson Group entered the market earlier and has relatively professional OEM technology. After years of process improvement, the quality has improved greatly, and the products produced are of better quality.