Meal Replacement Powder Manufacturer

2021-07-31 15:42
Research shows that in recent years, people’s search for light meals, fat-reducing meals, weight loss meals, healthy meals and other keywords has been increasing. This also shows that light meals have become the category most concerned and most demanded by contemporary consumers. The introduction of the light food concept has brought a lot of meal replacement products to the fire.

Meal replacement foods originated in the West, and the earliest meal replacement foods mainly include compressed biscuits, dried vegetables, and hypoglycemic foods. Until recent years, as people's attention to meal replacement products has increased, the market for meal replacement products has continued to expand. At present, the rising momentum of the meal replacement market is very strong, an increase of more than 30% compared to last year, and China's consumption structure is also constantly upgrading, people's requirements for food have been continuously upgraded, and the function of food only meets People's food and clothing problem is no longer mainstream. People pay more attention to the health, nutrition and taste of food.
In 2021, we will not only want to be light, but also light and healthy. Xiamen Eyoson Group has joined hands with a professional R&D team to create Eyoson compound meal replacement fiber fruit powder for everyone. Nemesis with obesity.
Eyoson Group compound fiber fruit powder is designed with low-calorie satiety meal replacement, reduced intake, fast fat burning, and improved intestinal environment. Converging 82 kinds of fermented fruit and vegetable raw materials and fat-burning and weight-loss functional active substances, using exclusive fermentation strains, using exclusive enzymatic hydrolysis, extraction, CTMSM fermentation and other patented high-tech technology, to ensure that the product can release the maximum efficacy factor.
Eyoson Group compound fiber fruit powder, 82 kinds of natural plant ingredients, low calorie, sugar cut, fat burning, card control, green and safe, 0 fat, 3 patented technology escort, rich in dietary fiber. Helps light food, satiety, nutrition and balance.
Eyoson Group composite fiber fruit powder, portable design, to be your portable nutritionist, it is simply a tailor-made weight management program for you. Convergence of 82 kinds of fermented fruits and vegetables nutrition essence, rich in phytonutrients, minerals, polyphenol flavonoids, trace elements, etc., to fully supplement the nutrients needed by the human body. Konjac, soybean dietary fiber, fermented fruits and vegetables are rich in dietary fiber to maintain body fullness. Belly feeling. The nutrition is balanced, refuse to go hungry, give the body full of vitality.