Eyoson cooperates with Taiwan Life Science Enzyme Research Center

2021-04-19 13:45
      Eyoson signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Taiwan Life Science Enzyme Research Center. The common goal of both parties is to develop Eyoson Enzymes at the fastest speed and in the widest range in the world to let plant enzyme reach more consumers globally and support more people learn about plant enzymes nutrients drink.
      Eyoson R&D team and 9 scientists from Taiwan Life Science Enzyme Research Center, including experts in cytology, microbiology, oceanography, botany, physics, etc., have been working on marine life for 3 years.
Eyoson cooperates with Taiwan Life Science Enzyme Research Center
      we separated and purified of biological marine species with feature  similar to marine microbial specificity (resistant high salinity,resistant high pressure, resistant low oxygen, tolerant no light condition), using marine organisms The strain has a revolutionary impact on the enzyme business of Eyoson company.
      This cooperation is very important for Eyoson enzyme , which has made Eyoson the only enzyme company in China that uses marine organisms and eyoson enzyme can tolerant 60 ℃ still keep biological strains potency rather than 40℃ common enzyme.
      Exclusive patent strains YYS-06-Lactobacillus plantarum derived from marine brown algae, YZD-09 oriental acetic acid bacteria from tibet mushroom, which both be preserved in CCTCC(China Center for Type Culture Collection)