Benefits of Eyoson Fermented Herb Food

2021-04-19 13:45
      Eyoson Fermented Herb Food support increases physical and mental vitality both quickly and cumulatively. It is a quintessential adaptogenic tonic herbal formulation.

      This formulation does contains Panax Ginseng, Cordyceps militaris.Polygonatum sibiricum,Euryale ferox,Hovenia,Platycodon grandiflorus according to TCM health theory and revered classic tonic formulation by masterfully Microbial fermentation, filtration, chelation, extraction, blending and combined ,to make the formula more than a mere sum of its component parts.Eyoson Herb Enzyme riches in amino acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements,which is the active ingredient in herb that gives it profound anti-fatigue, anti-aging, immune modulating properties by Fermentation technology extraction to supports physical and mental vitality,builds and maintains primal energy,alleviate fatigue.
      How Eyoson herb enzymes Strongly supporting human body?
      Fermentation processing: Microbial fermented raw material and brak cell wallto extract lower molecular nutrients for support body absorbing and promote bioavailability.

      Eyoson herb enzyme contains premium grade raw material herbs,like Panax Ginseng, Cordyceps militaris, by modern fermentation techonology(CTMSM) to processing cellulase, pectinase, protease, etc. that can not be synthesized in the human body and effectively break cell wall to release more beneficial lower molecular nutrients in the cytoplasm.

      Fermentation processing also support decompose biological macromolecules - such as protein, cellulose to smaller molecular weight nutrients-such as Oligopeptides, amino acids, monosaccharides, disaccharides, glycopeptides for fast and effectively absorb nutrients

      Eyoson fermented herb food is a very useful classical Chinese formulation used to support the normal detoxification processes required by the body to establish and maintain health. It is famous in the Orient for maintaining the cleanliness of the metabolism system, which naturally removes toxins from deep within the body on an on-going basis.
Benefits of Eyoson Fermented Herb Food
      1.Fermentation support resulting microbial secondary metabolites and transforming the structural properties of biomolecules, enhancing plant efficacy.
      Plant matrix processing various secondary metabolites such as vitamins, enzymes, and enzyme inhibitors by microbial fermentation. Enzyme is classically said to have a function to change the spatial structure of biomolecules to form more functional substances .Enzyme From Mystery to Science is written based on actual research and clinical findings . Extensive research has shown that fermented support to increase ginseng ingredient activity and functionality by effectively tranform ginsenoside to lower molecule ginsenoside Rd and rare ginsenoside Rg3 Microbial fermentation provides safe and effective immune system support.
      2.Primary herb fermentation now used in Chinese herbalism to promote health

      Ginsenoside is the primary ingredient in Panax Ginseng, which has a long history of use in traditional medicine that has led to the study of pharmacological effects of ginseng compounds. As a class, ginsenosides exhibit a large variety of subtle and difficult-to-characterize biological effects when studied in isolation

      Arctiin and arctigenin
      Fermented Burdock contains arctiin and Arctigenin that support metabolism and healthy liver function. It can effectively block the liver and intestine circulation of cholesterol, absorb bile acids, increase the discharge of bile salts and excrete cholesterol.

      Cordyceps polysaccharide and Cordyceps SOD
      They are excellent immune system tonics by promoting lymphocyte transformation and increasing serum IgG antibody content. Cordyceps SOD (superoxide dismutase) revealed “remarkable potential for scavenging” free radicals, anti-aging.

      Sesquiterpenoids,Polyphenols, cerebrosides and cyclic dipeptides -These polyphenolic small molecule functional factors formed by fermentation- microbial transformation of Euryale ferox. Therse fermented herb enzyme has active constituents that Supports immune functions,Cellular functional activity and microcirculation.


      1. Panax Ginseng
      Panax Ginseng is one of Asia’s most revered herbs, used for over 2,000 years. Eyoson herb enzyme contains premium grade panax Ginseng.It is organically grown and fermentation processed naturally to complete the “ginsenosides” profile of this extraordinary Ginseng product. Fermented Ginseng contains a variety of active ingredients such as saponins and polysaccharides, these ingredients effectively expand capillaries ,promote blood circulation, increase skin nutrition, regulate skin water and oil balance, prevent skin dehydration, hardening, wrinkling, ginseng active substances support inhibit melanin

      Ginseng is truly “sublime.”,it is arguably the greatest classical general treasures tonic formulation in Chinese herbalism.It is benefit to adjust blood pressure and restore heart function.Ginseng also support to improve diabetes complications.Modern researchers now know that Ginseng contains unique function for physical activity and anti-fatigue.It has a certain therapeutic effect on different types of neurasthenia patients.

      2、Cordyceps militaris
      Cordyceps militaris has spobvious medicinal value. It contains four cordyceps components: cordycepin, cordycepic acid, cordyceps polysaccharide and Cordyceps SOD. It support anti-cancer, protects cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, enhances immunity, scavenges free radicals, resists oxidation, and delays aging.
      Cordycepin contains antibacterial nucleoside substance . It support anti-cancer and lowering blood sugar. Cordycepic acid (mannitol) help significantly decrease the intracranial pressure and promote the metabolism , relieve cerebral hemorrhage and the cerebral thrombosis condition Cordyceps polysaccharide promotes lymphocyte transformation, increase the antibody content of serum IgG and the immune function and enhance anti-cancer and anti-cancer ability; Cordyceps SOD (superoxide dismutase) can eliminate the body super Oxygen free radicals have anti-aging, anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects.
      Cordyceps militaris contains selenium (Se), which has been recognized as an essential trace element in the human body and enhance the body's immunity and antioxidant capacity.. Modern researchers now know that selenium contains significantly inhibit cancer cells.

      3、Burdock root
      Burdock root is also known as "American ginseng".scientists found Japan as a country of longevity has been related to the use of burdock. Dr. Al Mindell, a world-renowned nutrition and health expert, pointed out in the Anti-Aging Code that "the root of the burdock is loved by people all over the world. It is a gentle nutrient herb that helps the body maintain a good working condition." Burdock root contains various amino acids necessary for human body ,especially the the highest content of aspartic acid and arginine with special pharmacological . Rich amino acids support improve human body energy and relieve fatigue; It contains a large amount of burdock and lignan, which has obvious anti-cancer effect, can promote the proliferation of immune cells in the body and enhance the immunity of the human body; the inulin and burdock contained in burdock can block the liver and intestine circulation of cholesterol. Absorption of bile acids, increased bile salt excretion and cholesterol excretion, have the effect of lowering blood pressure and lowering blood fat.

      4、Wolfiporia extensa
      Wolfiporia extensa is a dry sclerotium of the fungus mites of the genus Pseudomonas, and it is an important medicinal herb commonly used in the prevention and treatment of diseases. Shennong’s Classic (100 A.D.) describes wolfiporia extensa this way: wolfiporia extensa has a balanced energy, being neither too warming nor too cooling. The taking of this herb over time can calm the five viscera, make the body light, and prolong life Modern research has shown that Wolfiporia extensa have anti-aging, anti-tumor and immune-regulating health effects.

      5. Polygonatum sibiricum
      Polygonatum sibiricum has the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing yin, strengthening the spleen, moistening the lungs and benefiting the kidney. Often used for spleen and stomach qi deficiency, body fatigue and fatigue, lung deficiency and dry cough, labor and phlegm, lack of blood, waist and knees. Polygonatum contains Polygonatum polysaccharide. Experiments have shown that Polygonatum polysaccharide has obvious anti-fatigue, anti-oxidation, immune function, blood lipid lowering and anti-atherosclerosis effects. In recent years, it has been found that Polygonatum sibiricum has obvious preventive and therapeutic effects on diabetes and its complications.

      6、Euryale ferox
      Euryale ferox is a plant of the Nymphaeaceae, and its seed, seed coat, petiole and peduncle can be used as medicine. It contains amino acids, fatty acids and various trace elements. Its main pharmaceutical ingredients include polyphenols, sesquiter lignans, tocopherols, cerebrosides and cyclic dipeptides. It supports antioxidant, free radical scavenging, blood sugar lowering, Anti-myocardial ischemia, reduction of urine protein, bacteriostasis and prevention of gastric mucosal injury and other pharmacological activities. Clinical trials have bee demonstrate for the treatment of diabetes and chronic nephritis

      7. Hovenia
      Hovenia is a dry and mature seed of the buckthorn plant. It has a long history used as a traditional Chinese herbal medicine. Hovenia contains flavonoids, triterpenoid saponins, phenylpropanoids, alkaloids. Hovenia has the effectsto promote urination, quenching thirst and worry relief, and relieving alcoholism,hangover cure. It is used for fever, polydipsia, snoring, vomiting, and alcoholism. In addition, many researches have shown that scorpion has significant anti-fibrosis and anti-aging, anti-fatigue effects.

      8、Perilla seed(Perilla Frutescens)
      Perilla seed is a traditional Chinese herbal medicine.the pharmacological effects of perilla seed include antithrombotic, antiallergic, anti-inflammatory, blood pressure lowering, blood fat lowering, cholesterol lowering, and promoting learning behavior and visual function. Perilla seed contains a lot of oil, the oil yield is as high as 45%, and the oil contains 62.73% linolenic acid, 15.43% linoleic acid and 12.01% oleic acid. The protein content of the seeds is 25%, and contains 18 kinds of amino acids. The content of lysine and methionine is higher than that of high protein plants. In addition, there are oryzanol, vitamin E, vitamin B1, sterol, phospholipids and other nutrients; among them, α-linolenic acid rich in perilla seeds has the effects of lowering blood pressure, inhibiting platelet aggregation, improving insulin sensitivity and improving glucose metabolism.

      9.Cape Jasmine Fruit
      "Pharmaceutical Law" records the Cape Jasmine Fruit: "worry relief and sleep aid, mental relax, promote the blood is stagnant and the urine favorable." Cape Jasmine Fruit supports liver protection, gallbladder, blood pressure. The effects of sedation, hemostasis, and swelling are commonly used in the treatment of jaundice hepatitis, contusion, hypertension, and diabetes in Chinese medicine. The Cape Jasmine Fruit extract be used as an ointment to accelerate the healing of soft tissues. The detoxanthin in Cape Jasmine Fruit  promotes pancreatic secretion and significantly reduces the action of pancreatic amylase and increases the flow of pancreas and gallbladder. The Ursolic acid in Cape Jasmine Fruit support to calming.

      10.  Platycodon grandiflorus
      In the "Golden Chambers",(Essential Prescriptions from the Golden Cabinet )the Platycodon grandiflorus is described: It benefits to the lungs,cough and chest pain. Chinese medicine believes that the Platycodon grandiflorus cure lungs and throat, remove phlegm and pus. Modern nutrition analysis showed that platycodon grandiflorum contains vitamin B1, vitamin C and various active ingredients such as platycodin, polygala saponin, anterior saponin and platycodon, and modern medical research found that platycodon can reduce blood vessels and coronary arteries of hind limbs. Resistance, increase blood flow, its expansion of blood vessels is better than papaverine; and platycodin can reduce the content of cholesterol in the liver, increase the excretion of cholesterol and bile acid.

      11. Cinnamomum cassia
      Cinnamomum cassia is a herb with fragrant, purple-red color and a strong aroma.It is benefits to kidney yang, tonifying blood, relieve pain, promoting blood circulation, tonifying spleen and stomach, tonifying spleen for nourishing qi,worry relieves and other effects. Many research has shown that cinnamomum cassia can increase coronary flow and protect the heart muscle, and has a good preventive and therapeutic effect on cardiovascular diseases. Cinnamon oil in cinnamon is absorbed by the lungs after absorption, which makes the mucus diluted, showing antitussive and antitussive effects. Cinnamon oil can also directly stimulate the gastric mucosa, so that the secretion is increased, the peristalsis is enhanced, and it is aromatic and stomachic.

      12、Polygonatum odoratum
      Polygonatum odoratum glutinous, It has been used for intestinal problems and pain, for rheumatism, gout, water retention, and as a diuretic. the scientific medicine has used it to treat diabetes. Also describes a digestiveliquor that uses the rhizome of this plant.

      13. Buddha's hand
      The Buddha's hand, their roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruits are all treasures and be used as medicine. The buddha's hand benefits to the liver, spleen and stomach. It has the advantages of qi and phlegm, cough and swelling, tonifying the liver and strengthening the spleen and stomach. It supports obvious relief effect on bronchitis and asthma in the elderly and dyspepsia and chest and abdomen bloating in the general population. Buddha's hand extract has obvious inhibitory effect on intestinal smooth muscle, which has the effect of dilating coronary vessels and increasing coronary blood flow. Its concentration inhibits myocardial contractility, slows heart rate, lowers blood pressure, protects experimental myocardial ischemia, and bergamot polysaccharide It can promote the multi-link immune function, promote the phagocytic function of peritoneal macrophages, and significantly reduce the immune function caused by cyclophosphamide.