Eyoson enzyme-Thick botanical concentrate for nurturing life

2021-04-19 13:45
      Thick botanical concentrate for nurturing life
      Eyoson enzyme
      Water-free,non-heated and addictive-free
      Natural botanical ingredients drug free
      Are fermented and matured for more than three years
      No water and heat application in the fermentation/maturation process
      free of preservatives
      Eyoson enzyme is a fermented botanical food product made out of spontaneously fermented and matured dozens of botanical raw materials from fruit,veggies,herb,mushroom and edible algae
Eyoson enzyme-Thick botanical concentrate for nurturing life
      Health benefits of fermented foods have been recognized by the history of food cultures around the world.
      By utilizing the wisdom and technique of fermentation cultivated for YYS-06 and YZD-09.Eyoson exclusive patented fermentation strains, which be collect by CCTCC. we develop high-quality unique fermented foods for people’s healthy lifestyle.
      Eyoson has develop plant enzyme food with high quality natural ingredients  which passed strict SGS pesticide residue, sulfur dioxide, heavy metal inspections . customers can OEM their brand for healthy functional plant drink dietary supplements in complete confidence with us .