Sustainable Development

Sustainable development: As a company that insists nature in core philosophy, we have set our mission to become a firm that is responsible for the environment and society from establishment. By this means can we achieve the sustainable economic development. Thus in our case, the sustainable development means a long-term commitment to delivering what the nature gives while nourishing the nature on the contrary at the same time. 

We will insist on a sustainable strategy. Therefore, we will always shoulder the environmental and social responsibility, protect the safety and health of employees, related parties, and community. We will assume environment protection as our sacred duty while creating value out of the natural plants/creatures and promise to ensure that the company will leave a clear blue sky for future generations while striving for competitiveness in global market.

From Nature, By Nature, For Nature

Eyoson Group establishes its core business on nature base. We strive to pursue excellence in every aspect, including raw material, manufacturing technology, production emission, etc, in order to deliver what nature originally give by natural means, without interfering how the nature originally functions. 


From Nature:

1. Eyoson Group purchase all the production raw material (plants, fruits, vegetables, Chinese herbals, abyssalpelagic fishes, etc) from large agricultural bases in different parts of China, where they grow best in local areas, with low pollution, without pesticide usage. 

2. Enzymes are active substances generated by microorganism through natural metabolism. It is nutrients from nature, not artificially synthetic.

By Nature:  

1. Fermentation is the core of whole Eyoson business. It is a historical heritage from ancient times, notably from ancient China, far earlier before the industrialization era. Fermentation is a natural process happening inside living creatures, including human body.

2. Eyoson manufactures by inoculating strains extracted from natural plant, simulating natural metabolism process of microorganism inside human body, without chemical reactions or additives.

3. Eyoson Enzymes, Peptides, Fermented Plant Extractions, are set to supply necessary nutrients from natural raw materials. We are devoted to boost human body generally improving internal functions by itself, including respiratory, digestive, immune and other system. Thus our product will ultimately reach the goal of improving human health condition through natural way, without interfering how human body originally functions.

For Nature:

1. In Eyoson Group, we are continuously improving our technologies and facilities to actively carry out cleaner production. Adopting improved designs, using clean energy and raw materials, adopting advanced equipment, we are striving for the aim of saving energy, reducing pollution from the source, increasing the efficiency of resource use, and reducing or avoiding the generation and release of pollutants in the process of production, service, and product use, so as to eliminate or reduce the damage to the environment.

2. Eyoson Group covers the whole supply chain of Fermentation industry, which creates a complete ecological circle. Maximizing utilization of raw material with advanced equipment, we are devoted to reduce the amount of waste generated through process. The residues from production are ultimately sent back to agricultural bases as bio-fertilizer.