Eyoson Group Co., Ltd, setting its mission from establishment in 2010 to become a world-class Great Health + Great Agricultural Ecology Model Company, now has become a modern bio-technology high-tech enterprise in China. 

Eyoson Group insists on “fermentation and extraction of plant nutrients” as core business. After years of research, Eyoson Group has developed its core technological intellectual property from "exclusive strains" to "exclusive fermentation equipment" to "core fermentation technology" to "effectiveness verification", in order to guarantee the better product quality and stronger market competitiveness.

Based upon fermented plant extractions, Eyoson Group has developed its core product categories of plant enzyme, collagen, peptides, fermented Chinese herbals, probiotics, fermented wine and meal replacement liquid/shake.

With 10 years of leading R&D/production/technological service/sales experience in Chinese enzyme industry, Eyoson Group has expanded global business to different continents, supplying enzymes, collagen, peptides in bulk, as well as OEM/ODM service to many customer, receiving wide praise.

Who we are

Comprehensive Bio-fermentation Intelligent Manufacturer

Our Strength

Complete Fermentation Supply Chain - various agricultural base, two manufacturing plants, one R&D center and three marketing centers, Eyoson covers the whole supply chain of Fermentation industry.

Comprehensive Biotechnology Manufacturer - with advanced production facilities, professional R&D department, creative design team, vigorous marketing staff, Eyoson Group is able to supply a variety of products and service, from enzyme/peptide to finished food supplement OEM/ODM service.

Strict Quality Control - With certificates and registration including HACCP, ISO, HALAL, FDA registration. Every product is released after more than 100 items pesticide residue test.

Various Patents - Eyoson Group is holding more than 40 patents in China, all closely related to bio-fermentation industry. The patents cover two exclusive strains(collected by China Center for Type Culture Collection[CCTCC]), several fermentation equipment, one core fermentation technology(Constant Temperature Multi-stage[CTMSM]) and plenty other production technology. Strong R&D center is a core department in Eyoson, to design new production technology and product formulas.