The company name of Eyoson Group was enlightened by one Chinese traditional solar term, Winter Solstice Festival, which has the longest night in the whole lunar year.
On this day, the climate reverses and starts towards the warm side. Yiyangsheng, which is translated to Eyoson in English, represents the moment on Winter Solstice Festival that the earth starts to generate energy for every living creature to revive in spring after a long winter.

By naming the company Yiyangsheng(Eyoson), we are determined to bring the purest energy from nature to human, to create harmony between human and nature. Embracing respect towards nature, we are devoted to apply the most advanced technology in fermentation, a precious heritage from Ancient China.

Our Vision 

Building a world-class Great Health + Great Agricultural Ecology Model Company

From the bounty of nature, through inherited biotechnology(fermentation), we aim to become the leading manufacturer of fermented products in the world. By the effort of microorganism, we are determined to bring a harmonious world.

Our Mission

To make human healthier
To make ecology more harmonious

To make world more beautiful

Corporate Philosophy

Appreciate nature, respect harmony. 

Eyoson Group always adheres to the corporate philosophy throughout the whole business process, to create a complete ecological circle:


1. Selecting plant/fruit/vegetable from non-GMO source; [From what the nature originally is]

2. Leading manufacturing facility with most advanced technology, lowest emission, lowest energy consumption; [Not destructing the nature we are in]

3. Pure metabolites by microorganism, no artificial additives; [Delivering what nature originally give]

4. Production residue as bio-fertilizer to nourish agricultural base; [Feeding the nature with what we have]