July: Establish “Joint Research Center of Functional Food” with College of Food and Biological Engineering of Jimei University, China

    September:: Held 10th year Anniversary Ceremony

    November: Attend Xiamen Marine Science and Technology Achievements Transformation Fair

    November: Attend 11th China International Natural Health & Nutrition Expo and HNC 2020


    February: Eyoson biological enzyme production project is listed in the list of key projects in Fujian Province in 2019

    April: Participate in the 100th Chengdu spring national sugar and Wine Fair

    May: Won the honorary title of "leading enterprise of small technological giant in Fujian Province"

    September: Eyoson (Xiamen) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. changed its name to Eyoson Group Co., Ltd


    July: Won the honorary title of "2018 technology small giant enterprise"

    September: Start to build national ecological fermentation industrial park of 100 million yuan

    December : Awarded the honorary title of "national high-tech enterprise"


    September: Won the title of "discovery · 2017 top 100 scientific and technological innovation pioneer enterprise" and "discovery · 2017 scientific and technological innovation leader"

    October: Passed the certification of Xiamen high tech enterprise

    December: Awarded the honorary title of "innovative enterprise" in Xiamen


    February: Launch the Research Institute of biomolecular enzyme in Japan to carry out the research of enzyme molecular

    April: Passed the certification of Xiamen private science and technology enterprise

    September: Won the honorary titles of "honest enterprise" and "quality assured enterprise"

    November: The core patented strains "yys-06" and "yzd-09" passed the patent appraisal and were included in the national strain Library of China. The research results of the strains were published in food science and technology

    December: The group independently published the historical process of fermentation through the West first culture


    March: Become the first batch of "nutrient" enzyme manufacturers in the industry

    September: Eyoson continental factory officially put into operation


    March: Purchase Hushi agricultural technology company with 30 million yuan to control production from the source

    May: Construction of R & D and production base in mainland China


    March: Launch Taiwan Life Science enzyme research center, launch joint research and commercialization

    September: Invest in the establishment of enzyme factory in Tainan, Taiwan


    August: Establishment of Eyoson (Xiamen) Biotechnology Co., Ltd


    June: Set up an enzyme preparation team to investigate, study and investigate the manufacturing process and market situation in 15 countries and regions around the world