Fish Collagen Peptide

Collagen are found in bone, skin, muscle, tendons, and tissue. It is the amplest protein in our bodies. This substance plays a vital part in maintaining human body function.
Fish Collagen Peptides are small-molecule substances generated from enzymolysis of protein from abyssalpelagic fishes. They are pre-digested protein to supply abundant nutrients in human body.
They are effective in the following aspects:

1. Improving skin quality: preventing wrinkles, whitening/moisturizing skin, helping repair body tissue/skin;
2. Lowering blood glucose level, blood lipid level, blood pressure; Adjusting internal secretion;
3. Anti-fatigue; 
4. Improving human body absorption of minerals, including Ferrum, Calcium, Zinc and strengthening bones/joints;
5. Improving sleep quality;

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